Happy Adoptions

Scout is doing great! He has turned out to be just what our family was looking for :o)
Thanks Leetta!


Everything went fine on the way home except for a little car sickness. She slept most of the way. She is the sweetest thing. Never messed in the house, never heard a peep out of her all night, she loves all my grandkids and loves to sit in laps and is always right next to you. Can't believe how good she is. Seems to love the snow cuz every time I let her out she flops right in it! : ) My dog has let her know she is the boss but Sophie (aka Claire) just backs down. I hope this keeps up. So far, so good. Thank you for such a sweet, little cutie! My whole family has fallen in love with her.

She has her vet appt. this Sat. morning. We gave her a bath when we got home and she was so good. Didn't even shake. I just love her. Thanks again.


Maggie is doing wonderful, she had a vet appointment and shots, everything checked out and she is healthy as can be!! She is up to 17 pounds and she is smart as a whip. My daughter taught her to roll over in a day, so she sits, lays down, rolls over, and shakes. I will try to get my daughter to send you a picture so you can see how beautiful she is. Once again, I am so grateful to you for her, thank you so much for this wonderful puppy, she is truly loved. I hope you had a nice holiday. Talk to you soon, take car


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled we are with Buddy, my son and I were so surprised to see that beautiful little face on Xmas eve, I cried like a baby! He is fitting in just fine, even my 13 year old cat is warming up to him and he is sooo smart! He knows how to sit, comes when he's called and is doing very well with the potty training. My mom takes him every day when I work and he and Winston (Manred) just love each other, they wrestle together and then they nap with Buddy nestled against Winston. I can't believe Dave kept the secret for so long, Buddy was the best Christmas present I ever received, please know how much he is loved.

Thank you,
Kim Foss


Every thing going really well, he is one smart guy. He is doing very well at potty training, I have him trained to go to the back door and bark to go outside and he even barks to come in. Harley likes playing in the snow and with Sam. He went to the vet. on Tuesday for his shots and checkup and he weights 15lb. 13oz. he is getting big .He is just a lot of fun to have around.

Dick, Chris, Sam and Harley


We were so excited to meet our little baby.

Daisy is doing wonderfully and loves everything. She is already potty trained and is walking on her leash quite well. She got very spoiled over the holidays and everyone in the entire family loves her.

Thank you so much we couldn't be any happier!

 I will send you some pictures soon!

Thank you,
Amanda and Christopher

I would like to update you on Delta (aka Fancy) the labbordoodle we adopted from you in October. Delta is growing like a weed and learning new things every day. We are so blessed to have her in our home and lives. She stills comes to work with me every day and delights all who meet her. I even have people who will come into my office specifically to see Delta.

Thank you for your special gift of breeding GREAT pets to bring happiness to others homes.

Merry Christmas!!

Tammy and Terry


Thank you for asking and she "Delta" is doing well.  She has been such a joy so far and will continue.  What a smart puppy as we have had no accidents and is already (somewhat) answering to her name.  Also, love the no biting training you did as this works GREAT.
The name "Delta" is for the fourth dog as she is our fourth as so she is a Fancy Delta.

We have been wanting to send you pictures of our baby schnoodle we picked out July 4th and here he is our baby. Ernie he is everything we were hoping for (kind of a bed hog but that is okay) His house training was a breeze we both work but have had no accidents he has had the run of the house and does just fine he listens great we take him out walking on the Horicon marsh and can even take him off leash and have no problems. We can not thank you enough.
Love Dick and Linda and Ernie


Hi Leetta,
Had to share a couple of Ruby stories.

She is now 21.5 lbs! Growing like a weed :) Andy's mom had a stroke and we had to drive from the UP to Montana (quite a trip for a little girl). Ruby was a champ! She is an incredible traveler, she just sat next to me and slept for the whole trip! She is totally potty trained and impresses everyone she meets. I left her with my Mom in Fargo for the week I was in Montana, and my parents joked they weren't going to let me have her back they loved her too much to give her back. My parents walked her all around the neighborhood and Ruby made friends with everyone (dog and human alike). When I brought her into the vet, the vet tech said she sees tons of dogs and Ruby is one of the most beautiful dogs she has ever seen! (I totally agree).

Thanks for a great pup!
Andy, Keziah and Ruby


Hello Leetta,
We are having so much fun with Morgan. She had a great time this summer swimming in the lake and Chloe couldn't have a better friend to play with. Morgan may just be the best, smartest dog we have ever had. When we go for runs in the field near our house, she sprints around but always stays close. When I go to pick Chloe up from school all the little kids want to pet her and she loves the attention.  Morgan is great with little kids. Here are a few pictures of our family
Thank you again and again,

Well, we just had Oliver’s first visit to the vet, everything was fine. He now weighs 9.1 pounds and is such a good boy! Tessa is up to about 7 pounds. They are scheduled to be spayed and neutered on Dec 1 since they are both doing so well. Thanks again for everything you do for the animals you care for!  We love our puppies!  I have attached a picture for you.


Hi, we visited you 1 year ago today (10/13/09) and brought home Sadie, our lovely golden retriever. Just wanted to say she is doing really well and we love her lots. She's getting along great w/our 4 year old golden and we go to the dog park daily for a good walk and romp. Thanks again. We hope everything is going well for you and your dogs.

Roger and Marianne


Hello Leetta! Here are a couple of pictures of Manny they took while he was at daycare. He is still doing great! Thanks again!



I just wanted to thank you so much for Mick!!! He is absolutely awesome. I am attaching a couple of pictures of him with Ron's dog Maddie. They get along great and Mick gets along even with our barn kitties. He has not yet had one accident in the house and except for night time last night has not been crated. Last night after he cuddled in bed with me for a long time. When it was time to sleep I did crate him BUT I put the crate on a chair right next to my bed and he was just fine and slept great. I bought a collar with a bell on it for a couple of reasons. One so we can hear him and no one steps on him and two so when he wakes up in the morning I can hear him right away and take him out to potty. He follows me everywhere in the house and outside the house.

I am absolutely in love with him and I am keeping his name as "Mick" cuz I love the name and it fits him well..

Well again thank you so much!!!

Margie Bauer

Off to the lake for a swim. We have so much fun swimming at the lake. Morgan jumps in by jumping up in the air, legs still running in the air and kind of lands like a belly flop. It makes everyone laugh. She'll get the hang of jumping out as she gets older, I'm sure. She loves the water and has so much fun with the other dogs that are there too.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Elizabeth, Chloe and Morgan

Just want you to know that Winston is doing beautifully. He has met Dr Katrina his veterinarian and he is signed up for obedience classes which will start this week. He is getting along well with our two cats, although the eight year old finds him a little annoying. The year old cat wishes he'd chase her more and play. She is used to an Airedale that was very high maintenance. Speaking of Airedales, over the last 35 plus years I have had 6 of them. I'm quite used to their high spirited nature. So it's taking me sometime to get used to the laid back placid being who now lives with us. My Vet, Dr Katrina, loved my Emily, my most recent Airedale. She loved her spirit and always said Emily made her day. However, Dr Katrina feels my new baby, Winston, is a perfect transition for me. She thinks he's wonderful!!

All things being equal, we are very happy with Winston. After the tragic loss of Emily, my heart was broken and my home was empty. While I'm still grieving, Winston is healing my heart and filling my home. WINSTON IS A WINNER!

Thank you for our new baby.

p.s. Everyone who meets him wants one just like him!

We just LOVE this little gal. You did a great job starting her life with happiness and care. She sat on my lap all the way back to Green Bay, we stopped twice to piddle. She’s already made herself at home here, Meyer has welcomed her, as did the cat and the 2 parrots (although the parrots are still skeptical). I might change her name, but not sure to what.
Anyway, keep in touch and let me know if there is anything that you need!


We love our Jimmy, aka Rambo/Buddy/Moose.......he is adorable, so sweet and smart. He did get car sick and even then still looked cute! The look on his face was .."hey, what the heck is this stuff?" (He will grow out of that right?)

He stays by our sides everywhere we go....really don't need a leash. No accidents and he loves the cat; thinks he is a toy...not so sure the love is returned yet! We took him to the lake and he is a natural born swimmer.......he didn't want to get out!

Thank you for your love for animals........I am sure he would not be such a beautiful dog if it weren't for your love for them........Kasey, Gary, Matt and Jimmy/Rambo/Buddy/Moose!?!

P.S. He sees his reflection in the glass and barks at it....I think he thinks it is one of his brothers and he wants to play!


I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully Manred aka Winston is doing...he is adapting very well and follows my mother around like she's his mom. The car ride home wasn't so great, I felt really bad for him, he threw up 3 times. I was teasing Jack and told him my mom should name him Ralph. He's sleeping in his crate without any problems and my mother is amazed at his potty training, no accidents so far.  My mom didn't really know how to react for the first 30 seconds but once she looked at his face she fell in love ( in her defense the dog was full of vomit). I think she's thinking of having him become a certified therapy dog, a little soon to tell but I thinks he would be great at it. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him, it's one of the best things I've ever done for my mom. Are you planning on having any more litters? Manred/Winston is so darn cute I'm thinking I might like to have one myself but the timing isn't great right now. If it's ok I'm going to give my mom your e-mail address, I think she's anxious to thank you herself and send you some pictures.  Thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family, we love him.


Bella is doing great!!  She's happy and is very secure as to her position in the house.  We've been enjoying her.  She's extremely smart.


Beckett is doing great! We had him in for his second vet appointment on Thursday and he’s weighing in at 21 lbs. He also started his puppy class last week. We had taught him sit, down, come and we’re working on stay before the class started. Potty training has been going much better! He’s also been to the dog park in Jefferson several times and plays nicely with the other dogs and if I get home in time, we try and get over to the farmer’s market in town on Wednesdays. He loves the cats…and the younger one is starting to warm up to him and they play together. Garfield on the other hand still wants nothing to do with him. But of course, Beckett still keeps trying to be friends with him. One of these days he’ll figure out Garfield might like him more if he didn’t chase him.


The boys love playing with her and so far have asserted their dominance.  She is really starting to grow – I’m guessing she is around 20 lbs.  Her next Vet visit in June 21st.  She made the Stevens Point Journal, front cover a few weeks back when they did an interview at Muckamoor Kennels, where she has been going for puppy daycare.


I think of you often and think how wonderful it is that you have such great dogs and how lucky we are to have met you so we can have one of the puppies to love and be a part of our family.  We can't thank you enough.  Morgan is a great addition to our home and quite an attraction when we go out.  Everyone wants to know what kind of dog she is.  They think she's so cute.  And she is.  She gets along with other dogs, she loves people and kids and she walks on the leash perfect.  She's starting to have that endless puppy energy, so we take about three good walks a day, while Chloe rides her bike.  She's everything I wanted in a dog.  I'm glad I waited till the right one came along. (I had been looking for over a year.)  Hope your summer goes well.  We can't wait to take Morgan to the beach and see what she does with the water.


Ansand doing great!  He and Thisbe are still figuring each other out, and I think he's still pretty sad about leaving his momma and siblings, but once he gets to know Thisbe I think he'll be fine!  No accidents in the house so far and he's eating well.


I just wanted to update you on Crispy -aka - Bentley. I adopted him from you in Feb. of this year. He just turned 7 months old. He's a beautiful cream standard with the most wonderful personality. He and his 2 year old brother Hunter ( silver standard) are best buds- play together- sleep together - discovering trouble together. Bentley has been a joy

Sally Anderson

Just wanted you to know how delightful Crysler is and how well and quickly he has adapted to his new home. He and the cats are getting along fine, no one went into hiding, and he appears to be very happy being the center of attention!


Cast is doing wonderfully! She has not EVER had an accident in the house yet. She is so smart!


Blaze is absolutely wonderful.  He was at the vet last week for vaccinations and weighs 92 pounds at 16 months old.  He is not overweight because he is also very tall like his dad.  He has a very friendly, outgoing personality and loves people of all ages and every dog he has met.  He has been to classes - puppy kindergarten, beginner obedience and beginner agility and has done quite well.  He also house-trained very quickly.  We are so happy to have Blaze Afton Taylor as part of our family!

The West's

Stanli is being a good boy and won his way very quickly into everyone's heart.


Manny is doing GREAT! We decided to do a puppy class because I have never had a puppy before so we started last week and the teacher said what a great job he was doing! He is so smart, He is doing GREAT with house training! I took him to the vet a few days after I got him and everyone at the vet's office (vet and nurses included) said how smart and mellow he was, and of course how adorable he is! I take him everywhere with me, he does great in the car, he is also great with all the other dogs we see. I was nervous about this breed being kind of hyper and wild but Manny is the most mellow puppy I have ever seen! He loves to play, don't get me wrong but when he is finished he just likes to lay by me and take a rest. He is a great follow-along too! I can't thank you enough for Manny and also for being so available after I brought him home for all of my questions! Thanks again! I will send some pictures soon!


Casey is doing great and we are enjoying her.  She is the most laid back puppy anyone has ever seen.  She sleeps or rests a lot.   Every now and then throughout the day we see these burst of energy.  We have an acre lot so she has quite a bit of travel space.  For the most part  if I am working in the yard she will wonder around the yard and stay I have had to get her a couple of times but that will come with time.